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Video Information Processing Unit Operation/Management Policy


Video Information Processing Unit Operation/Management Policy

Chungcheongnam-do Fire Headquarters Safety Experience Center (hereinafter referred to as 'Experience Hall') will let you know how and for what purpose video information is being used and managed by the experience center through its operation and management policy.

The basis and purpose of the installation of the image processing device

In accordance with Article 25 paragraph 1 of the Personal Information Protection Act, the experience center installs and operates a video information processing device for the following purposes.

  • Facility safety and fire prevention
  • Prevent crimes for employee and customer safety

Current Status and Processing Method of Image Processing Unit

Operational status

The number and location of video processing devices in operation in this Experience Center are as follows.

Operational status
Sortation Number of installations Installation Location and Scope
Chungcheongnam-do Safety Experience Center a total of 59 units inside and outside the building

Processing method

It records and manages items related to requests such as non-purpose use of personal image information, provision of third parties, destruction, and reading. It is permanently deleted (automatic deletion of video records, crushing or incineration of output) by means that it cannot be restored upon the expiration of the storage period

Processing method
shooting time Storage period Storage location
24 hours Central control room 90 days from the shooting date. Personal Image Management Officer and Access Officer

Personal Image Information Protection Officer

To protect your video information and deal with claims about the personal video information, we have a personal video information protection manager.

개인영상정보 보호책임자
Sortation The person in charge affiliation contact information
Management Officer director of the Safety Experience Center Chungcheongnam-do Safety Experience Center (Office of Department) 041-559-9701
access authority Cho Hye Ryun Chungcheongnam-do Safety Experience Center (Office of Department) 041-559-9706

Administrative Officer

In order to safely operate and manage the image information processing device and image information, the management manager is as follows

Administrative Officer
Sortation a protective officer Position affiliation contact information
Chungcheongnam-do Safety Experience Center Director of Safety Experience Center Director of Safety Experience Center Chungcheongnam-do Fire Headquarters (Office) 041-559-9701

Information on how and where to check the personal information

  • How to check: You can check it by contacting the manager or manager in advance and visiting the experience center.
    In addition, the application for personal image information access and existence verification shall be completed and submitted to the administrative department (or person) in charge of administrative affairs.

    【Personal Image Information Retrieval and Existence Confirmation Invoice Annex Form 1】 Downloading Personal Image Information Retrieval and Existence Verification Claims

  • Location of Verification: Central Control Room of Experience Center

Items related to consignment such as installation and management of video information processing devices: Not applicable

Action for demand, such as access to video information of information subjects

You can request the video processing unit manager whenever you want to view or check the existence or delete personal image information. However, it is limited to personal image information that you have taken and to personal image information that is clearly necessary for the urgent life, body, and property interests of the information subject. This Experience Center will take necessary action without delay if it asks you to view or check the existence or delete personal image information.

Measures to secure the safety of video information

The video information processed by the main experience center is managed safely through the system. In addition, as a management measure for the protection of personal image information, internal management plans are established, access control is controlled, and access authority is restricted. In addition, locks are installed for safe physical storage of personal image information.

Matters concerning changes to the privacy policy

The operation and management policy of this video information processing device was established on July 14, 2015, and if there is a change in statutes, policies or security technologies, the reason and contents of the change will be notified through the website of the experience center.

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