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Lobby - Check the reservation and provide the service guide, Private Lockers on site
Convenient Facilities Medical Center, Childcare center/nurse Lobby next to E/V, first aid and first aid medication on site, Rest area for children.
Disaster Archive Permanent Exhibition Hall Introduction of Science and Technology to identify the kinds of disasters and the history of the times and prepare for future disasters
Safety Town for Kids Children’s Experience hall Space where children can enjoy living, fire, and traffic safety guides.
  • Children's Experience hall

    • It focuses on safety accidents that are vulnerable to children under the age of 6 years old, providing education for living safety, fire safety, traffic safety, and three kinds of hands-on experiences.
    • Experience Hall where visitors can learn about safety consciousness and experience the importance of safety by experiencing various safety accidents.
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  • Exhibition hall

    • Multiple cases of disaster accidents occurred by period using audiovisual equipment.
    • A vision of the future in preparation for disasters by introducing technology for disaster prevention.
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